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What About Physical Marketing?

The power of print is just as important as your digital presence; get them both working right for you and you’re ahead of the game. Even the giants of social media have come to realise the importance of print, recently running print marketing campaigns to reinforce their brand values.

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Print Services

CLIMB are here not only to help guide you through the multitude of print options but to provide you with the product that is best suited to your company, all within budget. Whether you require a business card, birthday invitations, membership cards, promotional flyers or an exhibition display, CLIMB provides all your printed marketing solutions. Offering our complete suite of services from digital through to physical, we ensure your company’s presence is on-brand through all mediums.

Promotional Products

From event tees to staff uniform, reusable water-bottles to kids party bag presents, CLIMB can advise on the most suitable promotional or retail products to carry your brand logo. We have a huge network of suppliers of everything from organic cotton tees, hoodies, beanies and other clothing right through to stainless steel water bottles, kit-bags and even lip-balms! For just a small sample of the promotional and retail branded equipment available, check out the example catalogues below:


We appreciate that producing physical printed materials has an impact on the environment. Our printing uses recycled materials wherever possible. Otherwise, we use FSC sourced materials which promote responsible forestry management. This also means our wood fibre products are sourced from within Europe, where there is a net growth in forestry cover. We strive to use non-harmful inks and will advise our clients in making the most sustainable choices available when ordering printed materials. There is no such thing as no impact, but we strive to ensure our customers’ is as small as possible.

The invention of the printing press was one of the most important events in human history.